What is Fit30?

What is Fit30?

FIT 30 is a metabolic fitness training circuit that combines the best researched-based, fat-burning exercises and puts them in one 30-minute circuit. The circuit consists of resistance and suspension training, functional core stability exercises, and hitting and kicking heavy bags. We use traditional and non-traditional equipment to give you a complete full body workout. This program is designed to decrease body fat, increase strength and improve muscle tone. Our goal is to get you fit in a safe training environment.

Fit30 Works For You

Fit30 El Paso offers personal trainers.
Certified Personal Trainers

Always present and professional to motivate and guide you through your workout.

Fit30 El Paso is always convenient for you.

Get a total body workout in just 30 minutes, as your schedule permits - there are no scheduled classes.

Fit30 El Paso can help you lose unwanted weight.
Lose Unwanted Fat

Burn 500-600 calories during your workout and boost your fat burning furnace at FIT30.

Fit30 El Paso is affordable.
Save Money

Our affordable memberships include the benefit of a personal trainer at just a fraction of the cost.

Begin building your new body today.

Fit 30 El Paso has the right workout for you. Not convinced? Schedule an introduction today!

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