About the Fit 30 Workout

About the Fit30 Workout

The Fit30 workout consists of a 10-station timed circuit with specified rest intervals. The circuit includes a diverse assortment of functional exercises that change daily to challenge you and to prevent boredom. The program is designed to provide a full body workout and to spike your metabolism. The result is less body fat, increased strength, and improved cardiovascular endurance. You will feel and look better.

The Fit30 program is based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The latest fitness research shows that HIIT is the most effective method to lose body fat and get fit. It is a simple concept: training that alternates between intense bursts of exercise followed by fixed periods of less-intense activity or rest. This fitness concept has shown to be more effective for fat loss than steady state aerobic activity. So you can burn more calories in a 30-minute Fit30 workout than jogging on a treadmill at a steady state for an hour. Part of the reason is that the training is designed to boost your metabolism so you continue to burn calories at a faster than normal rate for hours after the workout. The result is shorter workouts that are more effective. During a Fit30 workout, you can expect to burn between 500-600 calories and continue to burn calories for hours after.

The Fit30 workouts are designed with time-saving precision. The exercises in the circuit are systematically arranged to ensure proper exercise order to optimize performance while preventing injury. Additionally, there are personal trainers present at all times to show you the proper lifting and hitting techniques or to modify the exercises to your personal individual fitness level. There is nothing in El Paso like a Fit30 workout.